The Novos Group assists our private and corporate clients inter alia in the following areas:


International Banking

Clients are introduced to leading banks in premier financial centers which offer accounts in all major currencies, credit and debit cards, investment related products and online banking. These banks also offer (subject to status) trade finance, property, yacht and aircraft mortgages.

Procurement Services

Efficiency in the procurement and supply of goods and services is often key to the success of many ventures. Through the utilisation of certain corporate contacts, clients are afforded easy relief from the stresses usually associated with the average procurement regimen.

Payroll Solutions

The Novos Group can recommend a totally outsourced payroll function suitable for organizations employing project teams and contractors. Tax-efficient solutions are being continuously developed and refined to meet the needs of our corporate clients by our worldwide partners.

E-Commerce Solutions

The Novos Group has developed specialist expertise in the area of e-commerce, utilising cutting edge technology offered by the world’s premier providers.

Double Tax Mitigation

If you have income derived from a country where you are not resident, you face the danger of being taxed twice on the same income. If you are working abroad in the short or long term, you will also want to ensure that double taxation does not apply. Our senior consultants can help to ensure that you gain maximum advantage from global tax treaties.

Yacht & Aircraft Ownership Structures

Via Novos' Tertiary Operations Division, clients can benefit from the many advantages that are available through properly structured purchasing and ownership procedures. These benefits include where appropriate, crewing services.

Office Presence Services

Setting up an operation abroad can be an extensive business. The Novos Group has partners who are able to offer cost-effective business presence solutions from hundreds of locations around the world.

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