As an expatriate you are amongst a reported 7 million people either working or living abroad. Your priorities will be ensuring that your income and assets are secure and that your finances are structured for maximum safety and tax efficiency.
The Novos Group is in a unique position of benefit to expatriates across the world. We understand your needs and your challenges, as well as the advantages that come from being an expatriate. We also understand your individual circumstances and the need to give you personalized advice and support, wherever you may live.

High Net-Worth Individuals

If you have in excess of 5 million US Dollars of liquid or semi-liquid assets you are generally regarded by the international financial community as a high net-worth individual.
Wealth offers many benefits such as property, yacht and aircraft ownership, but wealth also brings its own challenges. Perhaps the biggest of these is putting your wealth to good use!
The Novos Group can be trusted by the world’s high net-worth individuals to provide them with bespoke solutions that will put their assets to benefit in a secure environment. Clients can be assured that we are fully conversant with the means of achieving this within the framework of national and international laws, diverse cultures and traditions.


The world’s economies are driven by entrepreneurs. Generally they are pioneers and risk takers who develop innovations, implement new methods, create jobs and wealth, and contribute to a more vibrant global economy.
If you are an entrepreneur seeking to exploit new ideas, expand into new markets or engage in cross-border immersions, The Novos Group is well placed to assist you. From start to finish, Novos will deploy experienced experts to help guide you through the rough-waters of exploration .


Small to Medium Sized Enterprises and Entrepreneurs

If your company is a Small to Medium, there are some vital questions to be asked, the answers to which will reveal whether you are maximizing profits and reducing costs effectively.
These questions include:
- Is your business structured for maximum efficiency?
- Do you have the potential to reduce costs by outsourcing elements of your business
such as manufacturing, IT, accounting and payroll?
- If you are expanding into new markets have you considered using virtual offices to
reduce costs?
The Novos Group is your valued partner on all of these essential issues. We will work with you to ensure that your business is structured and supported in a way that enables it to grow and thrive, leaving you free to focus on what you do best.

Multi National Corporations

When deciding how to maximise the efficiency and effectiveness of your corporation’s international structures there will be many factors to consider and we in turn recognise your need to reduce your global business costs to preserve your assets and maximise profits.
These factors include:
- Use of double tax treaties to minimise or mitigate double taxation
- Structuring and co-ordination of cross-border endeavors 
- Invoicing, letters of credit, and letters of intent
- Group finance companies
- Intellectual property discovery
- Compliance and due diligence
- Effective international employee recommendation solutions
- Cost efficient international outsourcing and virtual offices
- Payroll solutions for project teams
The Novos Group can work with you in conjunction with your advisors on the development and implementation of any new strategy.


For Intermediaries

We deliberately position ourselves to be a value-added partner in the advisor-client relationship and fully recognize that the local advisor has detailed knowledge of the resources, abilities and aspirations of the client. We therefore encourage local advisors to treat The Novos Group as a specialist resource provider dealing only with specific areas of the client’s affairs.
Intermediaries work with The Novos Group because they seek either specialist knowledge of a jurisdiction, or they have chosen Novos as their preferred corporate services provider.

Affiliate Program

This program is for qualifying professional firms, sole practitioners and companies who wish to participate in, and become, an integral part of our global corporate services operation.
Generally, affiliates are not agents of The Novos Group, but are participants in the marketing of our service offerings in countries where Novos has no physical presence.
They add value to service delivery by providing local and regional advice in the context of international situations.

Qualifying affiliates are offered:
- Training in both technical and compliance expertise
- Client referrals wherever applicable
- Monthly newsletters
- Participation in Novos conferences, specifically for affiliates
- Access to expertise and a global network of contacts
- Training sessions and seminars
- Advice and support relating to client matters